BYZ-810T Dual channel syringe pump is a "constant speed constant volume" injection pump. This pump set various sensors, which can accurately control the injection speed of disposable syringes and monitor the injection process. It’s also a high-precision smart syringe pump.

1. The pump can be widely used in clinical subjects of conventional intravenous injection, anesthetic injection, inject anticoagulant and cancer chemotherapy patients.
2. It can apply to medical intensive care unit, neurology intensive care unit, etc.
3. This injection pump is not available for target controlled injection of narcotic drugs, insulin, does not apply to high-pressure injection, please choose the right products according to the specific needs of use.

Advantages of Dual Channel Syringe Pump
1. Work mode: Rate mode, Time volume mode, Dosage weight mode are optional.
A: Time Mode: By setting the time and dose, the system automatically calculates the speed of injection
B: Weight mode: By setting the amount of the drug, weight, liquid volume, the dose, the system automatically calculates the speed of injection
2. Built-in variety of syringe brands and supports automatic use, guaranteeing accuracy of all brands injection syringes.
3. Human voice alarm systems: A real-time voice alarm systems make troubleshooting more timely, which greatly reduce the occurrence of medical fault.
4. Precision drive system ensures the accuracy of injections and improves transfusion safety.
5. Large LCD screen: The system uses high-definition display screen, achieving user-friendly operation.
6. The vein open function (KVO rate) can prevent back flow of blood.
7. Bolus can be quickly evacuated gas pipeline before starting the infusion, and increase the dose after starting.

Specification of Dual Channel Syringe Pump
50/60ml Syringe: 0.1ml/h ~ 999.9ml/h (0.1ml/h step)
1,000ml/h ~ 1,500ml/h (1ml/h step)
30ml Syringe: 0.1ml/h ~ 900.0ml/h (0.1ml/h step)
20ml Syringe: 0.1ml/h ~ 600.0ml/h (0.1ml/h step)
10ml Syringe: 0.1ml/h ~ 300.0ml/h (0.1ml/h step)
Flow Rate Accuracy
Within ±3% (after correct calibration)
Mechanical precision
Within ±2%
Bolus Rate
50/60ml Syringe: 1,200ml/h
30 ml Syringe: 720ml/h
20 ml Syringe: 480ml/h
10 ml Syringe: 240ml/h
Purge Rate
50/60ml Syringe: 1,500ml/h
30ml Syringe: 900ml/h
20ml Syringe: 600ml/h
10ml Syringe: 300ml/h
Volume Limit
0.1ml ~ 9999.9ml (0.1ml step)
Total Injection
0.1ml ~ 9999.9ml (0.1ml step)
Occlusion of Dual Channel Syringe Pump
High: 800mmHg ±200mmHg (106.7kPa±26.7kPa
Medium: 50/600mmHg ±100mmHg (66.7kPa±13.3kPa
Low: 300mmHg ±100mmHg (40.7kPa±13.3kPa )
Injection soon finish, end of injection,occlusion, improperly installation of syringe, wrong setting, low battery, syringe loose etc.
Power Source
AC 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz; Internal rechargeable Li battery, capacity≥1,600mAh, 4 hours internal battery backup
KVO rate
F1AL/250/60V, 2pcs inside
Power Consumption
IP Classification
Equipment Classification
Class II, internal power supply, Type CF
Operating Condition
Ambient temperature: +5℃ ~ +40℃
Relative humidity
20 ~ 90%
Transport & Storage Condition
Ambient temperature:-30℃ ~ +55℃
Relative humidity
280mm (L) ×210mm(W) ×130mm(H)
3.6kg (net weight)
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