Syringe Pump

The syringe pump is designed with complete function. The large touchscreen display allow the user to see all of the pumps operating parameters to ensure proper operation during the experiments. Syringe size and flow rate are easily displayed as well as the volume delivered and the elapsed time.

1. The injection pump can be widely used in clinical subjects of conventional intravenous injection, anesthetic injection, inject anticoagulant and cancer chemotherapy patients.
2. It can apply to medical intensive care unit, neurology intensive care unit, etc.
3. This pump is not available for target controlled injection of narcotic drugs, insulin, does not apply to high-pressure injection, please choose the right products according to the specific needs of use.

1. The syringe pump can be strict fulfilled under ISO 9001 and ISO13485 system.
2. Advanced microstepping techniques assure the accuracy to ±2%.
3. 24 hours after-service for customers.
4. Automatic dispensing of small volumes.
5. Constant delivery of fluids
6. Hands free operation