Sleep Apnea Diagnosis Device

Sleep Apnea Diagnosis Device
1.LCD display, real-time wave data inspection.
2. Low power processor, Power saving.
3. Various data analysis software ensures the accuracy of diagnostic reports.
4. Thoracic and abdominal efforts detection ensures the accuracy of diagnosis of respiratory events.
5. Sleep apnea testing machine features smart and portable design, easy for home use.
6. Class III device meeting AASM standard.

Specification of Sleep Apnea Diagnosis Device
Model DiagSAHS7
Color Silver
Weight 250g
Dimension 149×37.6×82.3mm
Records Data
Nasal airflow Record the nasal breathing signal and depict curve
Range: 10 ~ 40 bpm
Accuracy: ± 1 bpm
Chest effort Record the Chest/Abdomen breathing singal showing the real time curve
Abdomen effort
Oxygen saturation Range: 70% -100%
Accuracy: ± 2%
Pulse rate Range: 30 ~ 240 bpm
Accuracy: ± 3bpm
Snore Record snoring signal
Body position 4 indexes: Supine, left ,right, prostrate
CPAP pressure Monitor and indicate the pressure of cpap
Range: 4 cmH2O ~ 30 cmH2O
Accuracy: ± (2% full scale + 4% actual reading)
Timing The recording start time and the recording time can be timed
Display LCD display, Display the curve of the real time data
Battery Type 2×1.5V R6 AA
Data record Record more than 20 hours in AA
Data transmission USB download to PC
Data analysis Intelligent analysis software, can generate sleep polysomngraph report,has the following main functions:
A) Patient Information Management
B) Show the real time data
C) Adjust time length and the range of waveform
D) Automatic analysis of Respiration event
E) Automatic generate the chart of respiratory event, SPo2 Distribution chart and snore distribution chart
F) data reforming and manual adjustment
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