Auto Bilevel Machine

AUTO bilevel machine is designed with quiet comfort in mind, with four exclusive features that help you increase patient sleep time and therapy acceptance.
The Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor significantly reduces radiated and conducted noise transferred through the mask to the patient, making it easier to integrate into the patient’s (and bed partner’s) lifestyle.

Specifications of Auto Bilevel Machine
Modes of Operation: Automatic Bi-Level,Fixed Bi-Level and CPAP
Warranty: 2 Years
Special User Features: Easy-Breathe motor and Vsync automatic leak management
Pressure Range: 3cm- 25cm
Filters: Yes, Disposable Filters
Data Storage Capacity (Min): 1 Day- 365 Days
Data Storage Content: Detailed Data on Data Card, Compliance and Summary Data
Altitude Compensation: Automatic
Electrical: 100-240V 50-60Hz
Humidifier: Yes, H5i Humidifier and Climate Control ClimateLine™
CPAP and H5i Weight: 3.5 pounds
CPAP & H5i Heated Humidifier Dimensions: 6.0”× 11.5”× 3.4”
Climate Line heated tube: Optional

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Auto Bilevel Machine