CPAP Therapy Machine

The CPAP therapy machine features a palm-sized design perfect for travel. Despite it's small size, the Prime has a built in power supply for hours of effective CPAP therapy as well as an SD Card for data collection and an ultra quiet, technical design. Enhanced pressure stability makes it easy to breathe without any additional effort, and added PVA pressure relief reduces pressure after exhalation to return to prescribed pressure at inhalation for ultimate comfort. This machine is equipped with a humidifier.

Features of CPAP Therapy Machine
Palm-sized design including power supply
PVA pressure relief function
Ramp starting pressure
Low pressure alarm
Easy to use interface
Leak compensation
SD card & USB port for efficacy data retrieval
Built-in alarm clock function
Integrated heated humidifer

CPAP with Humidifier

Auto CPAP with Humidifier

Medical Ventilator with Humidifier

CPAP Therapy Machine