Fixed Pressure CPAP Machine

Fixed pressure CPAP machine includes on board and removable data collection to help the patient and doctor stay connected through the cloud. Many pressure settings and features are included with this device to help patients receive the best possible therapy for their sleep apnea. Enjoy increasing and decreasing pressure settings based on your unique breathing.

Features and Benefits
1. Climate Line Air tubing works with the humidifier to create a climate controlled environment for optimal therapy
2. The tubing maintains air temperature as it passed through the tube and into the mask
3. The the temperature sensor at the mask end of the tubing ensures the air temperature is correct directly before entering the mask
4. Enjoy a slimmer tube that won't get caught in blankets as easily and is less bulky
5. Easy-Breathe motor is so quiet it won't disrupt the patient or their partner
6.Expiratory Pressure lowers pressure during the exhalation period for a more natural feeling of breathing
7. Begin therapy hassle-free by starting therapy at the patient's first breath, rather than when the start button is pressed
8. The technology allows the patient or doctor to change or access therapy information and settings.
9. It eases the patient to sleep with a lower pressure setting before increasing pressure to the prescribed level for the remainder of therapy
10. Navigate menus and settings easily with the intuitive and color LCD screen. An ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the light in the room and will turn off automatically

Fixed Pressure CPAP Device

Fixed Pressure CPAP Equipment

Fixed Pressure CPAP

Fixed Pressure CPAP Machinery

Fixed Pressure CPAP Machine