Medical Stackable Syringe Pump

Medical stackable syringe pump combines four Syringe pumps and one Infusion pump with the Infusion support into one ICU Infusion Workstation,sharing a Power Interface. Stackable to be the maximum 8 channels. Transfer the message between the Nurse-call System and the pumps. Three work modes: Rate mode, Time mode and Weight mode. Unique colour LCD. Bolus function.

Features of Medical Stackable Syringe Pump
1. Compatible with syringe sets of any standard. Three work modes: Rate mode, Time mode and Weight mode.
2. Pressure detection each time and graphical display. Three levels of alarm volume. Three levels of occlusion pressure. Ip×4 design to prevent splash. Histories can be recorded.
3. Pressure will be automatically released after alarm of occlusion.
4. Unique colour LCD. Identify the specifications of syringe automatically. RS232 interface. AC power and battery Stand-by power, auto-switch, auto recharged.

Specifications of Medical Stackable Syringe Pump
COMPATIBLE SYRINGES 5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50m,60ml of any standard
ACCURACY ±2% with correct calibration
DELIVERY RATE RANGE 50ml( 60ml): 0.1ml/h~1800.0ml/h ( 0.1ml/h step) 20ml: 0.1ml/h~800.0ml/h ( 0.1ml/h step) 30ml: 0.1ml/h~800.0ml/h ( 0.1ml/h step) 10ml: 0.1ml/h~400.0ml/h ( 0.1ml/h step) 5ml: 0.1ml/h~400.0ml/h ( 0.1ml/h step)
TIME MODE SOL.VOL.: 0.1~999.9ml (0.1ml step) RUNNING TIME: 1~1999min (1min step)
BODY WEIGHT MODE SOL.VOL.: 0.1~999.9ml (0.1ml step) DRUG MASS: 0.1~999.9mg (0.1mg step) DOSE: 0.01~99.99ug/kg/min(0.01ug/kg/min step) 0.01~99.99mg/kg/h (0.01mg/kg/h step) WEIGHT: 0.1~300kg (0.1kg the least step)
VOLUME LIMIT RANGE 0.1~1999.9ml(0.1ml step)
TOTAL VOLUME RANGE 0.1~1999.9ml(0.1ml step)
PERGE RATE 50ml( 60ml): 1800.0ml/h 20ml: 800.0ml/h 30ml : 800.0ml/h 10ml: 400.0ml/h 5ml: 200.0ml/h
KVO RATE 1ml/h
ALARMS Near empty, Syringe empty, Volume complete( when limit volume has been set ), Occlusion, Syringe loose, Operation errors, Low battery and device failures.
BOLUS RATE 10ml :10~300ml/hr,20ml(30ml):10~600ml/hr,50ml(60ml):10~1200ml/hr
BOLUS VOLUME Maximum of 25ml
POWER SOURCE AC power supply: AC 100 to 240V±10%,50/60Hz; Internal Li Battery: 11.1V, 2000mAh. Approximately 8 hours of continuous operation on a new and fully charged Battery with syringe running at 5ml/h. Power consumption ≤25VA
DIMENSION 230mm×150mm×125mm

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Medical Stackable Syringe Pump