Medical Intravenous Pump

This medical intravenous pump has LCD display screen and micro computer controlled. The peristaltic pump is power source with multiple sensors to monitor the infusion pump and has variety of alarm functions. It’s easy to operate and meets all the demand of various cases of transfusion. Scope of application: using infusion apparatus with the infusion pump, it can control the liquid flow to the patient.

Technical Parameters
Infusion flow rate
Specialized infusion apparatus 0.1ml/h-1000ml/h;
Ordinary infusion apparatus 0.1ml/h-600ml/h;
Remarks with 0.1-30ml/h (0.1ml/h/step); Over 30ml/h (1ml/h/step).
Infusion accuracy error
Specialized infusion apparatus ±5% (medium speed, 23ºC, humidity: 60%)
Ordinary infusion apparatus ±10% (medium speed, 23 C, humidity: 60%)
Total infusion volume preset 0.1-9999ml
Remarks With 0.1-30ml (0.1ml/step) Over 30ml (1ml/step)
Occlusion sensitivity It has three adjustable levels of occlusion pressure as high, medium and low.
Note: When the infusion pipeline is pressed, the machine will not occur alarm immediately, but detect pipeline wall pressure, so time of alarm is related with the position of oppressed pipeline. Below is medium sensitivity audible and visual alarm time (the smaller value is measured at outlet of pump with occlusion by purpose, the bigger value is measured about 1 meter from the pressure sensor with occlusion by purpose).
Low speed (1ml/h) 250-500 seconds
Medium speed (120ml/h) 7-14 seconds
High speed (600ml/h) 0.2-1 seconds
Above date is measured at the status of 25ºC ambient temperature, ordinary pressure, use ordinary PVC (Ø3) infusion apparatus and high sensitivity.
KVO: 1-2ml/h
Power AC: -220V, 50HZ DC: 12V (built-in battery)
Fuse: F0.75AL, T1A (switching power supply L.N).
Input power 25VA
Built-in battery work time: Under the sufficient battery, medium speed flow rate, the battery can continuous work about 2 hours after power is switched off. Run time is related to flow rate. Within the battery normal life, the run time should not be less than 2 hours. The battery could charge and discharge about 400 times.
Amount of pills: When the equipment running 120ml/h and reach the minimum block alarm the amount of pills is 0.3ml, it reach maximum block alarm the amount of pills is 0.5ml
Working condition:
Environmental temperature: +5ºC-+40 ºC-
Relative humidity 20%-90%
Product dimension and weight 165*115*205 (mm), 2.5kg
Parameter save: When the system is power off , it can automatically save setting value at least five years (infusion volume and infusion speed will not be saved).
Safety Classification: The equipment is conform to IEC 60601-1-2 standard and can resist a certain electromagnetic interference, which is no electromagnetic interference to other devices. However, please keep the infusion pump away from strong electromagnetic equipment, fro example: radio knife, MRI.
The equipment waterproofing grade: IPX1

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